85R - Sun Louver

85R - Sun Louver

Material: Aluminum > 98%

Width: 85mm

Thickness: 0.6 – 0.8mm

Length: Fixed length on request

Finished: standard color chart PE/ PVDF painting

Suspension frame and sync accessories

100% recycled aluminum


Certification/ Standard (ISO 9001-2015)

Certification/ Standard (ASTM B209/B209M)

Light reflectance: LR = 0,60 (ASTM E1477-1998a)

Fire ratings: Class A (ASTM E84-2019)

Guarantee: 10 years


Product description

Austrong 85R-Sun Louver is a C shaped louver system, special designed for Canopy sun louver, that give impression of succinct which uses panels of various lengths. Austrong 85R-Sun Louver used a slopping 45° bracket to clip onto the panel, ensuring that the ceiling panels are aligned and balanced. variety of attractive color finishes, architecture, art exterior building applications

Austrong 85R - Sun Louver Features:

Austrong 85R- Sun louver is a fixed Canopy sun louver system with slopping 45° bar installed, width 85mm which can simply be slid into the 85R louver carrier. Wide range color of PE painting, lengths of panel are produced on request. Austrong 85R- Sun louver is gentle and high performance. The product has high stability and is completely fireproof and water resistant, not oxidized, completely eliminating the aggressive factor of the environment. Austrong Group has always researched and developed to create products that are environmentally friendly, energy-conserving, efficient and sustainable. All Austrong Group products are 100% recyclable.

Product structure

Color and coating

Austrong Vietnam offers a wide range of colors and finishes surface. Colors are available according to the color chart below, can be made base on requirements.

Please contact Austrong Vietnam sales department.

Colours are for illustration purposes only

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