Aluminium Lay-in T-Black ceiling

Aluminium Lay-in T-Black ceiling

Material: Aluminum plate >98%

Size: 600x600mm, 600x1200mm…

Thickness: 0.6 – 0.8mm

Surface perforated D1.8mm - D2.3mm with black non-woven tissue

White standard powder coating (Ral)

Suspension frame and sync accessories

100% recycled aluminum


Certification/ Standard (ISO 9001-2015)

Certification/ Aluminum >98% (ASTM B209/B209M)

Certification/ Frame system standard (ASTM C635)

Acoustic ratings: αw = 0,75 (ASTM C423-2017)

Light reflectance: LR = 0,60 (ASTM E1477-1998a)

Fire ratings: Class A (ASTM E84-2019)

Guarantee: 10 years

Product description

Using an exposed suspension system, Austrong Lay-in T-Black square ceiling tiles gives the impression of a succinct cubic. Lay-in T-Black ceilings tiles use a black line T grid to hold opposite edges of two panels to the main frame, ensuring that the panels are aligned and balance. With a large application in architecture and art for interior and exterior, a variety of square and rectangular Lay-in T-black ceilings, made from high standard aluminium alloy and a wide range of standard colours. With a non-woven textile membrane bonded to the inside face, Austrong Lay-in T-black aluminum ceiling tiles is a highly effective sound proofing and sound absorption ceiling system.

Features of Austrong Lay-in T-Black aluminum ceiling:

The surface of Austrong Lay-in T-black aluminum ceiling is perforated and equipped with black non-woven fabric layer in back side for acoustic control and noise reduction. The product is easy to construct and install, does not require complicated tools and machinery. Compatible with industry standard lighting, audio speakers, fire safety, cameras, and security services etc. The product has high stability and is completely fireproof. and water resistant, not oxidized, completely eliminating the aggressive factor of the environment. Austrong Group has always researched and developed to create products that are environmentally friendly, energy-conserving, efficient and sustainable. All Austrong Group products are 100% recyclable

Aluminum Lay-in T-Black Ceiling Tile Application:

Is perfect solution for Office Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial centers, Sports centers, Airport terminals, Banks, Hotels, Telecommunications centers, Television centers ..

Product structure

Color and coating

Austrong Vietnam offers a wide range of colors and finishes surface. Colors are available according to the color chart below, can be made base on requirements.

Please contact Austrong Vietnam sales department.

Colours are for illustration purposes only

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